Are blue world city serene villas investments profitable? Guide

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Blue World City serene villas are one of society’s most impeccable, fine & famous property types. Since investors want to tick a few boxes before investing in luxury, magnificence & affordability, serene villas of society serve perfectly in every department. Whether it is the primary location, the highly standing-out features & facets or as simple as the easiest & inexpensive payment plan, there’s a whole lot. Another reason apart from these impeccable aspects is the longevity of the investment. It will not only be high-end today, but the future awaits much securer & safer facilities if you invest in the serene villas—a perfect package of a perfectly profitable investment.

What makes an investment profitable? Is it the luxuries it offers, the long-lasting master plan, highly trusted developers, the attractive location, or the fact that it is highly affordable? Luxury, magnificence & personal comfort in one. Well, Blue world City serene villas, along with other massively attractive property types, tick all the needed & right boxes.

Blue World City

Blue World City is a huge & promising name in the world of the real estate industry of Pakistan. A housing venture under the worldly-famous management of Blue Group of Companies. The highly experienced & skilled firm has been serving for over two decades. The CEO of BGC is Saad Nazir, who has successfully carved a way securer & reliable path by delivering impeccable giant & prosperous housing adventures.

It locates on the main Chakri road, a commercially rich & highly accessible from key areas location. Moreover, it’s a perfect blend of personal & professional comforts in one place. The Blue World city serene villas are getting huge hype & needed attention, considering the excessive & massive features available.

Property Type

A blue world city is one of the giant housing societies in Pakistan; therefore, the offered property types are way more. The varied & ranged master plan is also why investors are taking on the opportunity hands-on. Moreover, here are the available property types at Blue World City Islamabad;

  • General Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Waterfront District Block
  • Sports Valley Block
  • Serene Villas
  • Blue Hill Farm Houses
  • BWC Hollywood Block
  • Awami Complex
  • Orbital Apartments

Serene Villas Profitable Investment – Reasons

Blue World City serene villas are giant, promising & one-of-its-kind. Since society itself is getting high potential hype & is earning a deserving name in the market because of the exceptionally high-end facilities & facets. The same applies to the way serene villas function. Here are some of the why Blue World City Serene Villas investment is perfectly profitable, high-end & lucrative;

Payment Plan

Blue World City payment plan is about affordable, economical & low budget spending. The range of available blocks, plot sizes & much more proves that people from all social backgrounds can choose their dream property. Blue World City serene villas investment is much more secure, lucrative & top-tier because of its high-end payment plan;

  • The society is offering 5 Marla, which is a double-storey. Moreover, the total cost of 5 Marla is 8,500,000, along with a 5% confirmation payment of 425,000. Furthermore, the villas’ booking price is 2,550,000 (30%).
  • The installment plan will complete in 18 months (1.5 years)

Luxurious Amenities

One of the main reasons the villas are among the most profitable ones is the impeccable, luxurious & one-of-its-kind amenities it has to offer. A perfect package which is all about a smart lifestyle & advanced living standard: moreover, a resident wants a place which is an ideal blend of personal comforts & professional opportunities. Blue World City serene villas provide both.


The location of Blue World City is such an exemplary & prime location that it has become a mass attraction of all the investors at large; moreover, people take a keen interest in what kind of benefits the location will bring. That’s also why the serene villas inside the society are getting huge hype. Not only will the residents have access to all the basic but advanced life facilities in the society’s surroundings and inside the society too.


Among the most lucrative, futuristic & most profitable investments, Blue World City serene villas come among one the tops. Whether it is the location, exceedingly important, pertinent & useful facilities or the fact that the payment plan is highly affordable, the villas are the ones to watch out for. Bleu World City, in general, has a plethora of investment opportunities along with the insane amount of offered services in multiple niches. Therefore, investing in Bleu World City is affordable and has a chance of a lifetime.

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