How to celebrate a birthday in Barcelona cheaply and unusually

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Let’s consider modern celebration options.

With limited resources, it’s better to opt for a home party. In this case, it’s easier to provide guests with transportation and relaxation.

There’s also a vast selection of directions for the decoration of the venue. And, of course, the main advantage is economic conduct. To diversify the holiday, you can choose a special theme.

The specific theme depends on the age of the attendees, the tastes of the hosts, and their financial capabilities.

  • for noisy groups, lively Hawaiian-style parties will work;
  • for a more subdued party, a classic-style celebration would be suitable.

Once the theme is chosen, you can proceed to decorate the venue. In this, the decor should correspond to the theme.

You can use the option of imitation, where the room is given the appearance of a certain locality.

In this case, it’s not necessary to apply festive attributes.

You can also decorate in another direction, for example, create a festive atmosphere in a certain spirit.

Such an option is combined with decorative attributes in the form of flags, balloons, and greeting inscriptions.

Don’t forget to prepare souvenirs for contests. The presence of presents will make the festive event more memorable.

It’s important to think about games and contests.

This is especially relevant if a child or teenager’s birthday is being celebrated. The contests should be organized by the host.

This task can also be delegated to a professional, if finances allow.

How to celebrate a birthday in any season

Where you can celebrate the holiday also depends on the season.

Here are some interesting options:

  • In winter, on a sunny day, you can go for a winter walk with the whole company. Here you can organize sledding or snowman building. After fun games, you can drink hot tea from a thermos and eat pies. As an option, arrange a fun photoshoot and a snowball fight.
  • In spring and fall, there are also many options for having fun. For children aged 10-12, you can choose interesting board games. For example, many people like Monopoly. A good budget option is a pizza and a good comedy.
  • In the summer, you can rent a catamaran in Barcelona at or outside the city. In the fresh air and warm company, a perfect treat would be baked potatoes and grilled sausages. In advance, you should think about active games, for which a ball or badminton would be suitable. For toddlers aged 4, you can also organize a picnic. For this, decorate the glade with flags, balloons, and toys.

The most original ideas for adults

If you don’t want to celebrate your birthday at home, you can choose to have a party outdoors or at any other place.

You might consider the following options:

  • A party in nature with overnight camping. This is the perfect solution for large groups. In this case, you need to prepare sleeping places and also light a bonfire.
  • A holiday at a recreation center provides great comfort while preserving the atmosphere of nature. You can prepare a barbecue, conduct active games, or even organize a concert stage.
  • If the budget allows, you can have a party in a club. In this case, necessary music support, diverse cuisine, and entertainment programs will be provided.
  • Both a child’s and an adult’s birthday can be celebrated in amusement parks. Various attractions, ice rinks, water parks, and Disneyland-type parks are suitable for this. You can also choose a paintball field.
  • Both at 18 and at 30, you can visit various wellness complexes or spa salons.

Show a creative approach and devote a little time, and you can come up with an original idea for a festive event.

You will be able to organize a lavish party on your own and at the same time not spend a lot of money.

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