Is 3M Double-Sided Tape Waterproof

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3M double-sided tape is the perfect adhesive partner for almost any project, whether that’s around the home, for arts and crafts, or in an industrial setting – mostly within the construction industry. If you’re using double-sided tape in an industrial setting and it needs to be waterproof, then you might consider one of 3M’s double-sided tapes, as some of their double-sided tapes are waterproof.

But what might you need waterproof double-sided tape for? And where did waterproof double-sided tape come from?
The Invention of Waterproof Double-Sided Tape

The first evidence of a patent for double-sided tape appeared in 1987, when a patent was filed by Dean Waldenberger, on behalf of the Norton Company. A far cry from the original invention of waterproof tape in 1942 by Johnson & Johnson, who invented the tape to be used on tanks and other military vehicles to stop water leaks and to patch holes – this was the original and infamous “duct tape”.

The exact history of waterproof double-sided tape is hard to come by, however 3M double-sided tape has been waterproof for a while, with 3M introducing the 3M VHB double-sided tape in 1980, which was designed for extreme weather conditions – it was originally used to panel the sides of ambulances together and was designed to replace screws and welds. 3M VHB tape was not only waterproof, but it distributed the load across the tape, making it one of the strongest and most rugged tapes available on the market at the time.

Uses for Waterproof Double-Sided Tape

There are plenty of other double-sided tapes nowadays that are waterproof, though 3M double-sided tape still holds the trump card when it comes to notoriety, reputation and being the ‘best-in-class’. There are multiple uses for waterproof double-sided tape across multiple industries.


One of the most obvious areas where waterproof double-sided tape is used is in the plumbing industry. Plumbers’ tape doesn’t normally come in a double-sided form, but you can buy double-sided plumbers’ tape. This is used to seal pipes together, and can also be used in the bathroom to tape down joints for bathtubs, sinks and so on.


Another popular area where 3M double-sided tape is used is in the construction industry, particularly its waterproof variants. 3M double-sided tape is often used to lay underlay between flooring and the subfloor – as its waterproof variant helps to prevent moisture from accumulating and destroying the flooring in the process.

Another area of construction where one might use waterproof double-sided tape is in the installation of windows or door frames. Further, most waterproof double-sided tape, particularly VHB 3M double-sided tape is also for exterior use and can be used as a sealant between wood joints and more.

Whether you’re using 3M double-sided tape or some variation of it, having that waterproof capability will save you money, time and stress. Knowing that when you put that tape on, water cannot penetrate between the two surfaces is sure to offer you comfort on the job and faith in your build.

Though be aware that most waterproof 3M double-sided tape is permanent, so ensure that you want to bond two items together permanently before you apply the tape, because once it’s on, it’s not coming off again.

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