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Do you also feel exhausted when you want to know about a specific site or Image in a heap of data and sites? Let’s take a simple example. You have an Image of a celebrity whom you like, or your friend has shared with you to search about him. You try your best to find the related content; enter random names, movie names, and other things when you only have an Image as the complete information. But still, you do not get the celebrity’s name or get it after having that much labor.

You search, sweating on the heels, but get nowhere. Do you want to use Reverse Image Search instead of this manual Search? Reverse Image Search has been considered much easier than the manual method of searching. You have to Upload the Image instead of searching various names and words. And will get the exact source or Similar Images with sites in no time.

You can Reverse Image Search on mobile, laptops, computers, and iPhones.

Why do people use Reverse Image Search instead of Manual Search?

There are not one or two reasons for searching by Image rather than entering text. People follow Reverse Image Search because of various motives, such as;

  • Tracking Images:

Once you have uploaded an Image on your site or with your blogs, you will see that people love copyrighting them without giving credit to the owner. When you search by Image, you get results for every source or site using the following Image.

 Whatever the condition is, If you allow them to use the Image by giving you credit, you can say it, or if you want them to remove it, you have the right to ask.

  • Finding the exact source of the Image:

Sometimes, you see an Image and download it. You like it so much that you want to credit the real owner for creating such a masterpiece. When you search by, you get all the related results and sources using the following Image.

  • Detecting Fake Profiles:

It is very common for Social Media users to face this issue. Sometimes, people even pretend to be fake and show you pictures of some other person and even celebrities you are not aware of. By Reverse Image Search, you can easily track the real accounts or sources with the following Image.

  • Wanting to know an Image detail:

Sometimes people also search for an Image to gain specific information about the Image under Search. You can type a keyword and upload an Image to know the required information, Whether it is about the Image size, the Image’s object, or its owner.

There can be various other reasons people upload an Image to search for Similar Images. The thing to say is it is the most accurate method of finding visual content.

Steps to follow while searching for a Similar Image:

It is not tedious work to do If you want to Reverse Image Search. Follow the following steps.

Step-1 Input the file or data:

You do have the option of using three ways; either you can upload an Image file by Clicking on the camera sign in the search box. You can paste a URL copied from any site or Image. You also have the option to put a keyword.

Step-2 Selecting Search Engines:

While searching for an Image, you can get various search engines. Google is regarded as the top search engine, but some people still use and prefer other search engines like Yahoo, TinEye, Pinterest, and many others.

Step-3 Find Similar Images:

Once you have input the Image file, URL, or password, you can search for it. You get various options after clicking on Search. Some sources have the exact Image you have searched. Others give you Similar Images with different sizes and resolutions. Some show different Images matching your Image in some way.

Select the option you were looking for, and quickly get another Similar Image or any information you want to get about your searched Image.


Reverse Image Search is much better than using Manual Search Method, which wastes your time and energy, and still, you do not get authentic sources or Similar Images. Searching by Images makes it easy to find visual content, so go for it rather than manual searching.

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