Step-by-step Guide To Bury The Dead

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One of the saddest goodbyes in the world is saying your final farewell to your loved ones. An untold depression and miserable time, which an individual goes through couldn’t be expressed simply through words. But, no one could fight the laws of nature. Every living being which came has to depart on its assigned time by God. It is important to bury the dead, performing various burial rituals. Various burial methods are practiced by all religions and cultures around the world. This article would help you in giving a detailed picture of how to bury the dead respectfully.

There is a funeral practice which is known as cremation, in which a deceased person’s body is reduced to ashes by passing it through an intense heat. Crematorium is not rare, due to cultural practices, religious beliefs, and environmental considerations around the globe. If you are living in Pennsylvania, then consider visiting the cremation philadelphia pa website, and facilitate your loved ones or someone who is looking forward to availing cremation services.

1.      Prepare the Departed

A deceased person is prepared respectfully, usually by their family members or religious leaders. A deceased person’s body is given proper bathing, scented and dressed in proper clothing and put in a casket. In some cultural practices, deceased persons after being put in a casket, their loved ones including friends and family gather around and prayers are offered.

2.      Choosing a Burial Site

A burial site is chosen for burying the deceased person. A burial site might be chosen based on several conditions including personal, religious, and cultural preferences of the deceased, their religious leaders or their loved ones.

Moreover, there are several burial places including graveyards, family plots, private property, near religious figures, or cemeteries. Commonly, a deceased person is buried in a nearby cemetery which is considered a final abode. In some cases, such as royal families or famous people are buried in a family plot. Furthermore, in some religions or tribes, a revered person is preferred to be buried on private property after gaining the owner’s appropriate permission.

3.      Grave Preparation

The grave is the final abode of all human beings, except for several religions and cultures as they are cremated such as Hindu culture etc. Mostly, a grave is dug 2-3 feet deep, so a deceased body could easily come into it. After digging and placing the deceased body in it. After a dead person reaches a grave which is filled with a handful of soil on a casket by his/her loved ones such as family and friends. And a grave is leveled carefully and maintained properly.

4.      Memorial Services

In some cultures, religions or countries memorial services are held before burying the dead. In funeral services, rituals are performed including music, eulogies, prayers, readings, and recalling good memories of the dead person as the person is a cultural custom of a people. The funeral services are mostly arranged by deceased family members in a graveyard, a family’s home, a church, etc.

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