The 2 Best Internet Providers in the US

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In the world we live in, good internet is no longer a luxury. If we want to remain on par with other people and organizations, it is imperative that we use high-speed internet. The benefits of using fast internet are immense regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation. When using fast internet, you can get more done in less time all while maintaining commendable productivity.

When the internet first came around, it was considered a fad that would eventually disappear. It is safe to say that this did not happen and it changed the world as we know it. In 2022, our internet has never been faster than it is now. Gigabit Internet is becoming more accessible to the common consumer and 5G is revolutionizing the way we connect on the go. The future looks incredibly bright and with technology showing no signs of slowing down, and new uses for fast internet arising every day. It is no longer something that was once considered a luxury, it is now a need. The world has moved so far ahead in this regard that reluctance only harms you.

Best Fiber-Optic Internet Providers

Similar to other forms of technology, the internet has also undergone an evolution. A fair few of us remember dial-up internet connections that were, in context to internet speeds today, morbidly slow. Over time, it got better and better with new technology coming in, accommodating the entire transition. In 2022, the current king of the internet hill is fiber-optic internet.

A fiber-optic cable is a glass cable sheathed in protective layers and laid underground. These glass cables transmit broadband at light speed with no wastage or delay. Did we mention it happens at light speed? As a result, fiber-optic internet is incredibly quick and reliable. If you are in the market for a great fiber-optic connection, you are in the right place. This article has a list of what we feel are two of the best fiber internet providers in the US. Let’s get into it.


Choosing Optimum means you are opting for a name that takes pride in its ability to deliver on its promises and then some. Optimum has a slew of services for just about everyone out there. Click here the internet packages on offer to help you decide with an internet connection.


Optimum offers internet at 300 Mbps at $40/month, 500 Mbps at $60/month, and 940 Mbps at $70/month. These are standalone internet packages that come with unlimited data, a modem, as well as a Wi-Fi extender.

Even the most basic of these offerings is more than enough to satiate the needs of anyone from an individual to a small business. Naturally, more users translate to higher demands for bandwidth. Regardless of where you stand, there is something for everyone and with unlimited data, you can scroll, stream, game, and use the internet to your heart’s delight.

You thought it stops there? It most certainly doesn’t!

Internet + TV

When you opt for Optimum bundles, you are choosing one of the best providers. And we know the best thing a provider can do is offer as much value as possible. Optimum will bundle your internet with their TV services which are a revelation, to say the least.

For $135/month, Optimum Internet 500 + Core TV package offers 500 Mbps of uninterrupted speed, unlimited data to use to your heart’s content, and a lineup of 200 channels to watch. These include but are not limited to HGTV, TNT, ESPN, and many others. Lastly, you also get a voice-activated remote to go along with their 4K resolution.

For $155/month, the Optimum Internet 300 + Premier TV offers 300 Mbps of uninterrupted speed, unlimited data, and upwards of 340 channels to explore. These include STARZ, HBO MAX, SHOWTIME, and several others. Lastly, you also get a voice-activated remote to go along with their 4K resolution.

For $165/month, the Optimum Internet 1 GIG + Select TV offers 940 Mbps of lightning-fast internet speed, all the data you could want or need, 290+ channels that include DIY Network, CMT, and Nick Jr. among others. Lastly, you also get a voice-activated remote to go along with their 4K resolution.


Spectrum takes immense pride in its ability to house a 30-million-strong user base across 40 states. They are known for providing a high-quality and reliable service that their customers can swear by. Spectrum offers its services in a variety of different bundles and packages created for many different people, fulfilling its responsibility as one of the best internet service providers.

For $54.99/month, you get Internet + Advanced Wi-Fi. They offer 300 Mbps of uninterrupted internet that allows you to consume content, in high definition, without lag, across different devices, and throughout your home. There is no cap on the data and using Wi-Fi 6 technology gives you faster, stronger, and more consistent connections.

For $109.99/month, you get the Internet + TV Select. You get 300 Mbps of uninterrupted internet along with upwards of 125 HD channels that include Discovery, ESPN, Lifetime, CNN, MTV, HGTV, TLC, and several others.

For $129.99/month, you get the Internet + TV Select + Voice. In this, you get 300 Mbps of internet speed, free-of-charge access to Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi across the nation, more than 125 channels of HD TV, and a home phone with unlimited calling across the US, Canada, and Mexico among others.

But there’s more, particularly for Latino customers.

For $89.99, you get the Mi Plan Latino + Internet plan. With this package, you get 300 Mbps of internet and more than 140 HD channels. You can enjoy 75+ Spanish channels along with 65+ English channels. Finally, you get access to their Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi across the nation.


High-quality internet is a necessity of the times and depriving yourself of it is a disservice. Luckily, there are plenty of options for you to choose from with different packages offering different values. Do not waste any time and invest in a high-quality internet connection today to bring yourself to par with the rest of the world.

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