Top Three Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning Service

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As a homeowner, you already know that some plumbing problems can be instantly fixed; whereas others might be better left to a professional plumber to deal with. All homeowners prefer to tackle most jobs themselves instead of relying on a handyman – but – the issue with the sinks, bathrooms, and pipes, in general, is that if these aren’t fixed properly, the leaks can turn into massive problems to the point of damaging the foundation of your house.

On average, a typical household uses at least 300 gallons of water daily, which is why plumbing issues arise. Here are some signs that you need to call a professional drain cleaning service right away.

Slow Drainage

The first very obvious sign that you need to call your local drain cleaning service, such as the drain cleaning columbus oh is that your sink fills up whenever you wash your face or brush your teeth. Typically, this occurs when foreign objects, such as soap, hair, grease, etc., have found their way to the pipe. If you detect slow drainage, the best thing to do is to get professional help instantly to remove the blockage.

If only the sink is affected, then the problem will be easy to solve; however, if multiple sinks are draining slowly, it means that the blockage is occurring at a deeper level. A professional plumber will be able to fix the issue and detect where exactly the problem lies in your sewer line.

Another nightmare to wake up is to have no water at all, especially in the winter season. Usually, no water in the winter means that you are dealing with frozen pipes or with a burst pipe. You might want to call a plumber right away; otherwise, the damage will seep into the foundation of your house.

Stagnant Water

Another tell-tale sign that you need drain cleaning is that the water isn’t draining at all – rather, it is standing in your sink, the bathroom tub, or the shower. Water could be standing in the washing machine as well. Typically, standing water is a sign of a plugged-up drainage pipe, which increases the risk of backup and damaging the pipes, which can then damage the foundation of your house.

You will also be mindful of standing water around the toilet base, as it is a tell-tale sign that you need to call the plumber right away.

Constant Clogging

If you experience frequent clogging, it is a desperate call for a professional drain cleaning service, such as the franklin wi Home Drain Cleaning Services, to visit your house and fix the issue before it gets worse.

It is important to mention here that it is common to experience clogs now and then, but if you are in a constant loop of fixing frequent clogs, then there is a more serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed and fixed quickly.

Frequent clogs can only be fixed with the tools that a professional plumber uses. So, leave your DIY fixes for some other time and call the local plumber right away if you haven’t yet.


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