Why Dental Technology Improves Patient Experience

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Top 5 reasons dental technology has changed the patient experience. Painless procedures and precise diagnostics improve outcomes and enable people to manage their oral health.

Digitally Designed Dental Crowns

Many call crowns “caps” because they cover the entire tooth. They’re utilized for major cavities, root canals, and tooth replacement. Getting a dental crown used to take two steps and weeks.

Prep your tooth, take an imprint, send the model to a lab, and wait for the crown to be produced and shipped. It had to be repeated if it didn’t fit.

However, CAD/CAM changed crown fabrication. Dentists use digital printing to mill personalized dental crowns from solid porcelain blocks.

CAD/CAM dental crowns reduce time and eliminate human error by manufacturing the restoration in one appointment. Thus, repeating the operation or returning in two weeks is unlikely. Additionally, each custom milled crown is made of a ceramic shade that matches your other teeth.

Long-Lasting, Narcotic-Free Painkillers

People living in Clearwater think there have been major efforts to reduce narcotic and opioid prescriptions in recent years. The dentist clearwater fl has led pain relief research to promote safer and kinder care.

Some say a person first encounters prescription narcotics following oral surgery like wisdom tooth removal. This extended-release drug has been used in C-sections for years. Its long-acting desensitization and pain blockade without narcotics make it distinctive.

Dental Magnification

Other medical professionals utilize tiny cameras during surgeries besides surgeons. Dentists can now use the Periscope, a miniature camera with 14,000 optic threads in a 1mm fiber.

Sliding the Periscope camera into your mouth gives high-resolution, 50x magnification on an adjacent screen. For periodontal operations like deep cleanings, it removes all germs and debris from teeth.

Powered Cleaning Instruments

“In the old days,” people living in Wichita had to carefully wipe a manual polisher across each tooth to clean and polish them. It was time-consuming and hard for hygiene workers. Now invisalign wichita ks ultrasonic devices to clean teeth more efficiently.

Surgery Free Gum Recession Options

Gum grafting may not be necessary if gum recession or aggressive tooth brushing revealed tooth roots. For some teeth, the gum tissues close to them can be gently lifted and extended to cover the root surface, according to recent studies. “Pinhole” rejuvenation is named for the gums’ tiny pinprick aperture.

Invisible, Removable Braces

When Invisalign ruled braces in the early 2000s, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics merged. Also using 3D CAD/CAM technology, Invisalign and other clear braces companies pre-plan tooth movement without brackets and wires using digital mapping.

The aligners are worn every two weeks and replaced. Each pair guides teeth into the proper position. Clear braces were once pricey and for milder situations.

They’re now affordable and beneficial for mild to severe dental misalignment. Straighter teeth statistically reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, giving you another reason to consider Invisalign.


Nobody wants a painful dental surgery. Modern dental technology makes treatments more comfortable and less stressful. Technology like laser dentistry and anesthesia reduce oral pain and anxiety.

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